Build your own Apps with Hephaestus using our WYSAW (What You See Actually Works) interface.  Create a project, select components from a library  (or we'll select some for you if something under-the-covers needs them), adjust  the component to get the actions that you want and publish. That's all there is!   No programming necessary.  If you want to look under the covers, go for it! Want to adjust it there by hand?  Be careful, but you can do that too.  Check out the pricing options for Hephaestus.  more

Hephaestus, named after the Greek god who crafted all of the power infused tools and weapons of the Greek gods, it is the power that made them appear so magical.

It is an appropriate name for the component based, multi-platform development environment upon which our apps are developed.  A stand-alone product by itself, Hephaestus allows non-programmers to create fully functioning Apps that run across IOS, Android and Windows 10 smart devices.  more

Building an App development platform has a wonderful by-product.  Apps!  As each new component engine in Hephaestus is created and integrated, an App has to be created or modified to test it.  After all, how else would you know that it works?

We include samples in Hephaestus to help you build your own Apps, but these are so cool that we decided to market them ourselves.  Check out Relax and ABSee.  We think that you will enjoy them as much as we do.  more

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Smart Devices are now reaching beyond the phone and tablet.  In the old days, a portable computer was 20 inches across and weighed 60 lbs.  As it started to shrink in size and weight, there were discussions as to how small these computers would go.  There was a surprisingly large amount of pushback.  People just wouldn’t carry a small computer with them.  It was just too much trouble.  Then came the cell phone. Now THERE was something people would carry, and if it could take notes too…..

Face it, we’ve come full circle.  Being honest with ourselves, we all now carry small computers that happen to have a phone app.  The same is happening with other devices.  Remember the sci-fi movies that had wall scenes (recently, think Hunger Games or StarTrek).  TV screens are getting larger and now they can either run apps themselves or through the use of a console, and who would have thought that we would actually have the Dick Tracy watch - and there is a lot more coming. This is where MasterBolt is positioning itself.  Not that we are ignoring phones and tablets, the plan is for our products to support those devices as well, however they are not the initial focus. 

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